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Type: Rooms
Region: Aegean Islands
Prefecture: Fourni
City: Fourni
Address: Fourni
Telephone: (+30) 6983.096.517, 6973.428.616
Tel or Fax: (+30)
Category: -    Rooms: 14
Period: 1-12 Beds: 28
Facilities: Parking - Car parking Bathroom - Bathroom in the Rooms Fridge - Fridge in the Room Cookery - Cookery in the Room Hairdryer - Hairdryer Internet  - Internet Connection in the Room or inside the Accommodation Facilities View - Great view to the sea or mountain Garden -
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Real gem for Fournous the Costa Reli complex opened in summer 2004.
The Costa Reli complex located in the village of Fournous. It is built next to the sandy beach and offers guests easy access to the beach and magnificent sea and sunset view.
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It offers studios and apartments fully equipped and very clean, can accommodate 1-5 people.
The studios are 15 meters from the sea and 30 meters from the taverns.
In ancient times Fournoi were named as Korasioi islands. In Hellenistic times the philosopher Porfyrios gave them the name of Korseas, a name that continues until today. During the years of Turks possession we meet them on maps as Fornelli (small fournos= oven), Melanthi, Fortiole and Koursoi. The name Fournoi took them later.<br>
The first years of byzantine times and the whole middle-times, Fournoi isolated and became one...
Fournoi was habilitated at 1770 a.c , the first resident was Patmios. They met turkish possession from which they were fully get rid of at july of 1912 when the Ikarian Revolution arose. At November of the same year Greece and Ikaria were merged together.
At the hill of Agios Georgios over the village, there is still there the huge wall of prehistoric castle with big rocks that promotes enthousiasm. At the substructure of the old castle was build a new castle of classic times that was the acropolis of Fournoi. At the castle there was a temple too. 
The perimeter of the outdoor wall was build at parts that the steep hill allowded the access that was around 300 meters. The stone ladder was probably leading to the entrance of the castle. 
A little further there is a rock, that was the base of a statue. At the stones there are some signs that wrote about the Gods of Samothrace and owner of Acropolis. In one rock there is a dedication of God Hermes.
At the outdoor wall of the church there is a sign. On the back side of the temple there is a new piece.

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