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Type: Hotel Apartments
Region: Aegean Islands
Prefecture: Thassos
City: Pefkari
Address: Pefkari
Telephone: (+30) 25930.51.701, 6972.833.975
Tel or Fax: (+30)
Category: 3    Rooms: 12
Period: 1-12 Beds: 30
Facilities: Parking - Car parking Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Swimming Pool - Accommodation with internal or external Swimming Pool Bathroom - Bathroom in the Rooms Fridge - Fridge in the Room Cookery - Cookery in the Room Hairdryer - Hairdryer Internet  - Internet Connection in the Room or inside the Accommodation Facilities View - Great view to the sea or mountain Disabled - Accommodation with Disabled Facilities Safe Box - Garden - Barbeque -
ΕΟΤ ID 0103K013A0222801
Website: Official Web Page.
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It would be rather unrealistic for somebody to think to travel to the Moon.  However, it would be entirely possible and feasible for someone to be found at "THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE MOON”.  In the northern Aegean, on the island of Thassos, is located the hotel “THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE MOON”.  It is built on the mountainside, in the traditional family olive grove opposite the sea.  The view is endless.
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Point of interest

The olive trees alternate with the pine trees, the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the peninsula of Mount Athos (Holy Mountain) dominating in the background.  The hotel’s surrounding area is a rural area (15.000 m2) with a main crop of olives.  It is located close to the resort of Pefkari.
Pefkari is one of the most beautiful regions of Southern Thassos featuring fine restaurants and numerous water sport possibilities. In front of the building of the hotel there is a swimming pool (also for young children) where you can swim or relax under the shade of the olive trees.

Our immediate plans include the cultivation of more plants and trees.  For those who wish, to get busy with agricultural activities would be a proposal of alternative activity.  The hotel “THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE MOON” operates throughout the year. 
The “NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE MOON” does not aspire to be simply a business for the sole purpose of profit and self-support.  It aspires to become a living organism that will evolve, be renewed and extended.  With respect to the nature and human beings seeks anything new, implementing innovative ideas, cultivating the culture, arts and science.
With an open mind and good mood, invoking the favor and grace of the ancestral Olympian Gods we invite you:
  • to feel Greece
  • to live your myth
  • to lengthen the limits of your world
  • to leave behind the conventions of everyday life
The “NEIGHBOURHOOD OF THE MOON” is a 3 star hotel at Pefkari of Thassos, with furnished apartments. Our high standard rooms and suites are fully-equipped and designed in order to provide dreamy vacations.

They are characterized by elegant design and aesthetics.  Designed in order to provide all modern amenities, combined with a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea and the natural green of Thassos.
The accommodation areas are very comfortable. The rooms are 32 m2 each, the two suites are 50 m2 each and the apartment is 70 m2, all accessible to people with disabilities. The welcoming atmosphere and the quality of our facilities and services, create conditions for relaxation and escape from everyday life.
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