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Tourist Guide of Halkidiki

Boundless blue and deep green, endless sandy beaches and coniferous that touch the wave, smell of resin and saltiness. A unique combination in Aegean.
Itamos sprouts in its forests, a protected kind of tree aged 2.000 years old. Diligent people, who cherish their land. Thanks to their care, the silver olive groves, the golden extents of ground with the breadstuffs and the endless vineyards provide rich harvests.
Halkidiki! A fertile place, rich in vegetation and life, colors and smells, power and peace.
An untouched natural heaven.
Halkidiki! A blessed place.

Culture- tradition
Mountain villages faithful to the Greek orthodox traditions, seaside fish villages full of memories from the 20's fugitiveness, which after its uprootness from Ionia has sought its second homeland at the coasts of Halkidiki and gave a new breath of life in the place.
Aristocratic mansion houses, delicate handmade woven, special local cuisine and wine, ancient folktales and folk songs, festivals and feasts, all sculpted by a history of 2,500 years old.
Monasteries that are real castles, built on the storm-tossed rocks of Athos, battlements and loopholes for protection from the impious invader. Shadowy and quiet yards, places of assembly and cogitation, silence that sharpens the auditory sense, peace. Rare holy paintings and ecclesiastic treasures, which the sleepless sight of Madonna has protected. International festivals, cultural events, moments of inspiration and creation.

Festivals and local feasts

A rich history and mythology, that lay their roots many centuries ago.. Olynthus, Acanthus, Afytos, Potidaea: mighty ancient towns with walls that the colonists from Eretria have built. Stagira: the place where Aristotles lived and taught.
Petralona: a cave of inimitable natural beauty where 250,000 years ago the famous "ancient man of Petralona" lived. Cape of Poseidio: the most ancient temple of Poseidon, with the fairies with the doggy faces. Cassandra: The peninsula with the name of the Macedonian king Cassandros, son-in-law of Alexander the Great. Sithonia: the peninsula that was named after the son of the ancient God of the sea, Poseidon.
Ouranoupoli, Nea Fokaia, Sani, Toroni, Galatista: stone castles, rare byzantine heirlooms. Nikiti: old Christian Basilicas of special architecture. Ierissos and Nea Pitidaia: agonizing places during the Turkish Domination.

Integral hotel infrastructure, luxury and comfort, casinos and marinas, spas and commercial centers, organized congress places, good food and wine, beach bars and clubs. One of the most modern and qualitative tourist products, that Halkidiki knows how to offer, with services of high level, without losing its special color.
Diving, sailing, wind surfing, sporting fishing, golf, hot springs, ambulatory courses, bird watching, mountain biking, beach volley, basketball, tennis. Endless possibilities of exercise and amusement, for people who love life and motion.
Source: Prefecture of Halkidiki

Unique natural landscapes, clear sea and villages with remarkable traditional architecture as well as integral tourist organization are the characteristics of Halkidiki.
Polygyros is the administrative and agricultural center of Halkidiki with big parks, abundant waters and a beautiful view towards Cassadra, Sithonia and Athos. In Polygyros, it's worth visiting the churches of Panagia and Prophet Ilias, Agios Nikolaos at Selio, the area of Palaiporta where the ancient Appolonia is found and the village Vrastama, one of oldest of Halkidiki with remarkable marks of architecture.
Agia Paraskevi is famed for its hot springs. You can swim at the church of Agios Nikolaos.
The township of Agios Nikolaos is built on a verdurous area. Port of the village is the cove of Panagia, from where tourist boats make the circumnavigation of Athos. In Agios Nikolaos, it's worth visiting the area of Pyrgos, the Faucet of 1626 and the houses of the 19th century.
The traditional township of Arnaia with the tenable dorp is known for the production of fruits and wines.

The dorp Afytos is inhabited since the prehistoric years. At the area, there is the dorp Athytou, with old houses. You should also visit the sources Vrysitsa and Moudounou.
The seaside tourist resort of Vourvourou is known for its natural beauties. You can swim in Trani Ammoudia, in Karidi, in the Panagia cove while you can go by a ketch to the island Diaporo.
You can admire traditional houses at the township Galatista. Port of Polygyros is the tourist center of Gerakini, the beaches of which are recommended for swimming and sea sports.
The modern tourist center of Ierissos is built near ancient Acanthus. You can visit the archaeological site of Acanthus and the castle of Krouna. Kalandra is the organized centre of Cassadra, with houses that preserve many elements form the popular architecture. At the area, you can also visit the lighthouse at Poseidi.

Kallithea is a busy cosmopolitan centre, with remarkable hotel infrastructure and a beautiful beach.
At the area, you can visit the temples of Ammonas Zeus, Dionysos and Nymphs.
Cassadreia is built in the internal of the peninsula of Cassandra with an outlet to the sea, Siviri, which is a gorgeous coast.

Kryopigi is built on a verdurous seaside area.
Metamorphosi, with a lot of green and tourist life, gathers every year more and more green and foreign tourists.

Nea Kallikrateia is found at the coasts of Thermaikos, with a quick tourist development.
The tourist centre of Nea Moudania will impress you. If you are found in the area on July, you can amuse yourselves at the local festival of the sardine that takes place in July.
At the seaside village Nea Plagia, as well as at Flogita, you can swim im their beaches.
Nea Potidaia is one of the most important towns of Halkidiki. It was founded after 1922 from refugees of the East Thrace. At the area, you can visit the remnants of the Castle, the canal and the church of Taxiarches.

The village Ierissos presents a great tourist life, from where you can visit Agio Oros by a boat of the transport lines. You can swim at the coasts of the dorp and at the beaches Iviritiko, komitsa and Xiropotamos.
Nea Skioni is known for the clear waters and the nice beach.
Nea Fokidaia is a seaside village of Cassandra, which was founded by Asian Minor refugees. The sand beaches of the village and the beach of Sani are offered for swimming. Visit the castle of Apostle Pavlos, the holy water of Apostle Pavlos, the Stavronikitas castle and the Roman country cottage at Megali Kypsa.

Neos Marmaras also has a great tourist life, with many hotel units. Every year in September the tuner fishing takes place. The Parthenonas dorp with marks of traditional architecture, the glebe Tripotamos and the island Chelona are found at Neos marmaras.
Nikiti is a modern Mediterranean township of Sithonia. The monastery of Evaggelismos is found at the area, in Vatopedi, which is the most important female monastery of Halkidiki.
Olympiada is a refugees' village with a lot of green and beautiful beaches. The island Kafkanas, opposite Olympiada, where traces of a small dorp with water tanks and ruins of a building are saved, is among the others that you can visit at the village.

The village of Olynthus is built near the ruins of the homonym Ancient town. Visit the archaeological site of Olynthus and at the location Maryana, the ruins of the temple of Agios Nikolaos.
You can swim at the beaches of Ormylia, which is one of the oldest dorps of the prefecture. In Ormylia, the female monastery of panagia is found, an old glebe of the monastery of Vatopedi.
Another traditional dorp that was founded by Asian Minor refugees is Ouranoupoli, which is known for the sand beach and its clear sea. The biggest castle of the prefecture of Halkidiki is found at the area, the castle of Prosforio. Frankokastro is also found at the area, before the borders of Agio Oros.
The village of Paliouri is a busy tourist centre at the peninsula of Cassandra. Visit Petralona and its cave, where a fossil human skull has been revealed.

Pefkochori is beside the sea, while Polychrono is found in an area where a prehistoric dorp and ruins of a town have been detected.
A unique tourist block, Porto Karras runs in the west side of Sithonia as a complete and independent unit. It has hotels, a private marina, congress rooms, beaches of total extent of 10 km, 34 private ports, a golf course, a jockey club, a diving school, a gym, tennis courts, football green, basketball and volleyball courts and sea sports. Visit the Porto Karras winery, the Porto Karras wine cellar and the vineyards of the Porto Karras landed property, which are among the larger private vineyards of Europe.

Pyrgadika is another village that was founded by Asian Minor refugees, with a view towards the majestic Agio Oros and the peninsula of Sithonia.
The seaside village of Sithonia, Sarti, is another refugees' village.
Stagira is built at the south poles of the mountain Stratoniko. Visit the archaeological site of Stagira at the area of the village Olympiada, the ancient mines as well as the temple of Stagira that was founded in 1814. The beaches of the area Stratoni, which is found at the gulf of Ierissos are recommended for swimming.

Sykia is one of the oldest dorps of Halkidiki. You can swim at the beaches of the cove of Sykia and at Kalamitsi. Visit the old dorp and the windmills at the beach of Sykia.
Toroni is inhabited since the prehistoric years. Today it is an ideal place for holidays.
You can swim at the cove of Toroni and at Porto Koufo.
The beaches of the Fourka pier, as well as the beaches of the tourist resort of Cassandra, Chaniotis, are recommended for swimming.

The only habitable island of Halkidiki is the one of Ammouliani. It is a shelter and is found in the gulf of Agio Oros, opposite Trypiti. It has an important tourist life and offers quiet vacation in a picturesque setting. At Ammouliani you can swim in the beaches Alykes, Agios Georgios, Megali Ammos, Karagatsi and Faka. Furthermore, at the islands Drenia.
If are found in Halkidiki, buy woven and thyme honey. Among others, taste yogurt-walnut-honey and chicken with tomato sauce.

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